I ask my body: why are you set on destroying me?

My cells have anxiety, in their panic they attack my tissues with aggressive fear.

I plead with my body: let go your suffocating grip. My organs dump poison into my blood.

I beg my body: let these toxins dissolve. Release into acceptance. Surrender your internal battle.

But in its own terror, my body has been swept up in a conspiracy against me.

My healing sabotaged by my own tissues. By my own cells who do not trust me.

I whisper to them: quiet now. I will try to be gentle.

My nerves on overdrive. My stomach hot and dry.

I am desperate for peace. For truce. For the natural pulsation of my being. But I am stuck running downhill.

This is the tragedy of my body. This is my consequence. I am sorry- I will be tender now. I will care for you.

I ask my body: will you trust me?