Love Devours

He knows me in a new way

Unfamiliar to me

How his eyes rest on my bones

And he wants me in a new way

I haven’t felt before

His fingertips sinking into my sternum

And he sees me in a new way

A new story unfolding

Ringing his heart out into my throat

In a way that makes me question

Who are you? Where have you been? How did you find me? Where did you come from? How long have I been waiting for you? How many times did I die before I found you?

His love was poised and waiting for me

And now I am devoured by him at last

The Revelation

A revelation: that I can feel this way again.

That the dullness and the fog could give way to something so shining with life.

I thought this part of me had died with my old life

I re emerged from the edge of death with a coldness in my bones

But what I needed was your words, and all the sounds that your mouth makes

The way your eyes track each movement of my limbs, the way you see each twitch and tremble until you catch the rhythm.

You cup my pulse in your hands and blow your sweet breath on it until the pace quickens

And I bloom out from within the container of your chest.

Somewhere I already knew how to blossom.

What I needed was a steady hand to hold my soil.